Innopower Company Limited (the “Company”) may use cookies, web beacons, tracking pixels[1], and any other technology with similar nature to collect your information during your visit or use of our website [please specify URL] and your visit or use of other channels such as our mobile application (altogether referred to as “Site”) [in order to help us improving our website and for enhancing your good experience in visiting our Site].

Cookies for Collection of Information

What is cookie?

Cookies are a form of file containing text. Cookies are created when a user accesses a website on which the server creates a cookie. Cookies will be recorded on your browser when you visit that website. The content in cookies can only be retrieved for viewing or reading by the server that created the cookie and will be sent back to the origin website in each visit. The text contained in cookies often contains data that can identify persons, the name of the website, as well as certain numbers and letters. Cookies store details of your browsing behaviour and what is frequently chosen by you and your browser. Most browsers are allowed a usage of cookies. However, you may adjust or change the setting of your browser to prohibit a use or transfer of data from some types of cookies, or you may delete the data collected by cookies whenever you wish.

Why do we need to use cookies?

The Company uses cookies on our Site to help collect information from our Site’s visitors and users. Cookies will allow us to know your purpose of use of our Site and how do you react with our Site which would allow us to improve and enhance your better experiences when visiting our Site in the future.

What types of cookies were used by the Company?

During your visit to our Site, you may find that we have use the following types of cookies:

Advertising Cookie

Advertising Cookie will be planted on your browser by ad servers in order to present and advertise specific products to you. The ad servers shall use this type of cookies to collect your information when you visit the Site or other website. The ad servers will choose the advertisement and present it to you, and will collect your view data towards such advertisement.

Analytics Cookie

Analytics Cookie will monitor how users or visitors of our Site entering into our Site, and how did you react to the Site, and what parts of our Site were visited by you. The Analytics Cookies will collect the data which allows us to know what features in our Site is the most productive and which one should be adjusted for the better performance of our Site.

Site Owner Cookie

The Company’s cookies are called the “Site Owner Cookies”. These cookies are required and necessary for the Site to have in order to ensure and maintain normal operation/performance. Without the Site Owner Cookies, or if you choose to disable this type of cookie on your browser, it will affect the operation of the Site which may cause the Site to be dysfunctional.

Functionality Cookie

This cookie helps the website to recognize and remember the user or visitor who used to visit the Site as well as to remember the settings made by the user or visitor on the Site. This type of cookie will record the history of your visiting websites and the settings and preferences of the users so that the visitor or user does not require to reset their settings, e.g., the setting of the user’s language, or font size displaying on the website, on the Site again for their next visit.

Secure Cookie

This type of cookie is used to identify risks and increase security of the Site. The Company uses this type of cookie to verify an identity and protect users and their rights from an exploitation or unauthorized or illegal use of the user’s information.

Site Management Cookie

This type of cookie will be used for the Company to acknowledge and remember you at and all time when you are using our Site to ensure that you will not be unintentionally disconnected from our Site. You may not change the setting of this type of cookie. If you wish to disable this type of cookies, you will have to disable every cookie use on the Site.

Third-Party Cookie

This type of cookie will be recorded in your browser when you visit the website which provides services from several different service providers (i.e., the third party), which also includes our service. This type of cookie will allow the third party that provided their services on the website to collect your information occurred on such website.

Details of Cookies using by the Company

Adjustment and setting of Cookies on the Site

You may choose to accept, adjust or disable the use of cookies on the Site at “Setting of Cookies”

Other websites

This website may contain links to other websites. If you click on the link to other websites, you may allow the third party to collect and disclose your information. The Company has no control over other websites and shall not be held liable for the privacy statements and processing of data on such websites. Once you leave our Site to enter into the other website, you should read the privacy statements provided on such website.

Personal Data Protection Policy Please be informed that our collection of your information through cookies includes a collection of your personal data (as specified in the above table). Therefore, our use of the cookies for the collection of your personal data will be subject to the conditions and details under our Privacy Notice. You may read and review the relevant details regarding our protection of your personal data at the Privacy Notice.

Our update of this Policy

The Company reserves our right to update this Policy when necessary. We will notify our update of this Policy to you (by specified “Latest Version” on the Policy). Any revision or alteration of this Policy shall be in effect once the Company published this Policy on the Site.

The Company encourages you to thoroughly read and understand this Policy so that you will understand your rights and our practice in relation to the protection of your rights. Please be informed that once we have notified the revision to our Policy and you have clicked to acknowledge our latest update of our Policy on the Site when you visit our Site, it will be deemed that you have voluntarily accepted and agreed with our implementation of the latest version of the Policy already.

Contact channels

If you wish to exercise any of your rights mentioned in this letter, you may inform us or request to exercise your right through any of the following channels:
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Please specify the subject as: “Request to exercise a data subject’s rights”